Campaign Conditions

The site reserves the right to carry out promotional campaigns in dates that it considers pertinent, being able to change the dates of the same ones whenever it considers necessary.

Although all articles selected to be part of the campaigns are available on the site for sale, there are extraordinary situations over which we do not have full control that can prevent us from satisfying an order that has been placed. Thus, a sales agreement between a registered user and the trademark starts only after the first one has received an e-mail message confirming the sending of the respective order.

In case the article (s) exhaust, Expolandia, Lda undertakes to inform the user and to reimburse it of the amounts that he may have paid within a maximum of thirty (30) days from the date of knowledge of that unavailability and their request by the user.

In the handling of the order any price error that may be being displayed on the site due to technical anomalies will be detected. In this situation the customer is contacted and if the price of the product presented on the site is in reality lower, the difference is returned. If the price is higher, the customer will be contacted and can accept or cancel the order.

In the campaign period, shipments may be delayed due to increased orders in this period. If you consider that you have already spent too long from the confirmation of payment until the confirmation of the shipment, please contact us at

If for any reason you are interested in returning an order belonging to the campaign, or part of it must fill out the exchange form and send together with the order within a maximum period of up to 15 days after the delivery date. (View topic Returns and Exchanges Policy)

In the case of a request for reimbursement of a purchased item at a reduced price, due to a special offer/campaign, Expolandia, Lda will reimburse the amount actually paid by the user, and not in full.